4 Jan

A new, miracle weight loss ingredient is taking the world by storm and changing the way we will diet and lose weight, forever. We are hearing reports from around the world, including reports from the very powerful celebrity camps, including that of Kate Winslet and super-slim Nicole Kidman that their secret comes in the form of wonder-ingredient, African Mango.

African Mango has been used for centuries to reduce and prevent obesity, treat infections and lower cholesterol. African Mango is a completely organic exotic fruit found in West Africa (it’s different to regular mango!). SlimFit (which is exclusive to Therapie Clinics in Ireland) harnesses the power of this wonder ingredient. The 100% natural formula also contains a unique combination of green tea and caffeine amongst other natural ingredients that work together to:

- Boost metabolism
- Suppress the appetite
- Help the body burn fat and lose weight

The beauty of this diet pill is that it is canadian pharmacy viagra with prescription. Slimfit is exclusive to Therapie Clinics nationwide or available online. canadian generic pharmacy. The clinic has reported an incredible demand and resulted in waiting lists for the slimming pill, or as some people refer to as a metabolism pill.
Imagine eliminating food cravings, having an increased level of energy and even feeling in a better mood while losing weight, slimming down and toning up? This is just how SlimFit works. Clinical Studies have shown that SlimFit:

- Helps to control and regulate the hormone leptin, which controls hunger
- Increases fat oxidation
- Boosts metabolism
- Fights fatigue
- Raise energy levels
- Results in early average weight loss of 10lb, followed by consistent weight loss in smaller amounts the following weeks
- Enhances the immune system in its fight against free radicals, is rich in antioxidants and so additional benefits include younger looking eyes, hair and skin!
- Results in weight loss from notoriously difficult areas – thighs, waist, bum and even neck & chin! Just how do you think Kate Winslet has really slimmed down recently? A panel dress can only do so much!

Speaking of celebs, in the US, Oprah Winfrey’s Dr Oz endorsed African Mango calling it a “breakthrough supplement” and ‘miracle in your medicine cabinet’ on his Emmy-Award winning show, Dr Oz!

We’ve heard the Hollywood weight loss reports, we’ve seen the slimmer and more slender, healthier bodies, we’ve heard all the slimming tips and weight loss tips… we’ve even heard about diet pills and slimming pills in the past. The difference is the natural and incredibly potent ingredient, African Mango. The best weight loss and best weight loss plan is to use a proven formula like SlimFit. A formula that is helping both men and women around the world shed unwanted weight and shed weight from those difficult areas. Flatter tum, more defined waist, or how about more slender thighs or even neck and chin? Slimfit is the successful slimmer’s secret!

Check out the before and after pictures/testimonials below!

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Diets don’t work

12 Dec

January 2, 2012

Diets simply do not work. When you start to restrict and lower the amount of calories you consume, your body enters starvation mode, and the body starts to store fat and consume less energy.


Lowering your calories by 25% severely impacts your metabolism. It also results in:


  • Heart rate slowing down
  • Body temperature lowering
  • Blood pressure lowering
  • Feeling more hungry
  • Burning fewer calories


You also experience irritability and inability to focus. Taking the 100% natural, Slimfit supplement on the other hand, will eliminate cravings, boosts energy levels and even enhance your mood while you start to burn fat and lose weight, even in the most difficult of places on your body. You will start feeling full faster, eating less and without even realising, you will move to natural unconscious, low calorie diet.